Thai General Involved In Illegal Gambling

In Thailand, games are strictly prohibited. However, underground circles and casinos are numerous in the country. The authorities are trying as best they can to fight against this illegality. However, this is proving difficult, because personalities are involved. This is the case with the latest case. A resident had reported an illegal gambling ring, which is owned by a Thai general. The intimidation followed in this case.

Bullying Very Common In The Country

Thai law prohibits casino gambling in the country. Despite this law, however, circles and casinos, they can be found quite quickly in many street corners, especially in the capital. Many organizers are no longer even afraid to organize parties in public places. There is no shortage of players, because there are so many of them.

If these clandestine establishments flourish so much in the country, it is in particular because of the officers who are involved. Among other things, they are not afraid to brandish intimidation. However, the fight still continues, but this kind of situation constitutes a real obstacle for the authorities who try as best they can to try to apply the law.

Recently, a case involving a general in a circle of games affair has just come to light. It was a colonel who undertook the assault, but he was then intimidated. It must be said that the route is still quite long, because there are currently more than 200 establishments throughout the capital. Of course, this figure is only for the capital of Thailand.

A Circle Of Games Denounced By The Inhabitants

Coming back to this affair which involved a Thai general, it was a few residents of Phuket town who decided to denounce the circle . Parties are regularly organized in this place according to them always. According to the denunciation, this circle seems not to fear the law which prohibits playing games.

This circle also has several slot machines and also offers High-Low which is a kind of dice game. During the descent which was made on the place, 40 people were arrested. Among them are officers. But during this arrest, Colonel Sompop Kamkana received a phone call from a general, calling on him to immediately arrest and release these people.

It was an army general who ordered him, in addition to uttering intimidation that he had high-ranking and powerful friends. The latter threatened to be transferred out of Phuket. The colonel did a call ID and he did confirm that he was a general in the government army without disclosing his name, out of fear.

The work is still long and strewn with pitfalls for the authorities of Thailand who want to apply the law. Some corrupt police officers also take 5-20% of the proceeds from these illegal games, making law enforcement even more difficult.

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